Betül, Markus and Claudi (left to right) are the "Three Musketeers". We are the founding members and now form the board of the "Drei Musketiere Reutlingen e.V.".

In 2016, three teams have been to the West Coast of Turkey to help refugees in "wild camps" with humanitarian aid. By now we have 17 Musketeers and went on 18 successful missions, directly in crisis areas, and helped thousands of people with supplies.

We are Claudi, Betül and Markus...

...we are the "Three Musketeers" and are glad you are here and interested in our organization! The "Drei Musketiere Reutlingen e.V." is a small organization with big plans. "Three Musketeers", because at the very beginning, we were only three and we put our body and soul in this project! We made it our goal to help refugees from Syrian crisis areas and other people in need in crisis areas on site, where help is needed the most. It is our priority goal to help people with the most necessary supplies, like water, oil, bread, rice, hygiene products or with clothes and shoes.

We often organize the needed supplies on site, for which we need your support! Every donation helps us and the people in need, even if it is only 5€! Here you can help: "Donate Now".

Short Documentary #GRENZ#WERTE

Here you can watch our short documentary "GRENZWERTE". It shows impressively the situation of the refugees at the West Coast of Trukey and our work on site.

Our thanks goes to Steffi Ehlers for the great cut and to Sven von Erding for the wonderful music.

The engagement portal "zusammen-für-flü", a site for social projects which help refugees, is online since the 7th December 2015!


The engagement of numerous projects in the refugee aid are put together here. It is therefore a central point for everyone, who wants to help and thus supports our team, to achieve our goals. It is promoted through the Federal Ministry of Interior, which also helps to get a greater reach.

We are glad, that our project "Emergeny Aid for Syrian Refugees in Turkish Camps!" is part of it!

Recognition of Charitable Status
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