Reports in Press and Media about us!

Here you can find some really amazing articles and reports from newspapers, TV and radio. We wish you a lot of fun reading!

Reutlinger Generalanzeiger

Again a sensational report about our mission to the Syrian border was published in the Reutlinger GEA by Mrs Glage on the 23.05.2017.

Thank you very much!

On the 13.03.2017, another great report about our Info event in the Reutlinger City-Church on the 10.03. was published in the Reutlinger GEA. Thank you!

What a great announcement of our Info event on the 10.03.2017 in the Reutlinger GEA.

Thank you for the report of our mission to Subotica, Serbia, in the Reutlinger GEA.

Wow! What an wonderful article in the Reutlinger GEA on the 31.12.2016. Thank you, Mrs Glage.

On the 12.11.2016, another article about us was published in the Reutlinger GEA. Thank you!

Again we want to thank Mrs Glage for another amazing article in the Reutlinger GEA on the 03.08.2016.

Our thanks goes to Mrs Glage for the great article in the Reutlinger GEA on the 30.05.2016.

Südwest Presse

Our thanks goes to Mr Ott, for his detailed report about us in the Reutlinger News.


Thank you Steffi for the amazing coverage!

Radio Wüste Welle

Our thanks goes to Matze for the great broadcast!

The second visit of Markus as guest in the "Lokalmagazin" in the free Tübinger Radio "Wüsten Welle".

Here you can listen again to the first broadcast with Markus in the "Lokalmagazin".

Neckar Alb Live

Our thanks goes to Carmen from "Neckar Alb Live".

It is our first Interview on Neckar Alb Live.

Tübinger Radio Wüste Welle

A wonderful interview with our friend Ahmad and his arduous journey from Syria to Germany in the free radio "Wüste Welle Tübingen".

Here you can find a great interview with our Syrian friend Ahmad from Damaskus in the broadcast "Newcomer NEWS" in the "Wüste Welle Tübingen" radio. A multilingual and intercultural News Magazine for refugees.