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Nice for you to be here and your interest in the "3 Musketiere Reutlingen e.V.". We are Claudia, Betül and Markus, the "Three Musketeers". We made it our goal to help people who are forced to flee from crisis areas, like ongoing war areas or after floodings or earthquakes.

Here on our homepage you can inform yourself about our organization and our current projects. And of course you can help directly as well. In the menu, "DONATE FOR THE MUSKETEERS", you can find different possibilities as to how to support us.

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Due to the current situation in Syria and Northern Iraq, we concentrate our help towards people who were forced to flee from those regions towards Europe because of ongoing war and persecution. At the moment, our humanitarian projects extend from the Syrian border to Turkey and along the Balkan Route. We focus thereby on the regions Adana and Rehanli at the Syrian border and in the region Izmir at the West Coast of Turkey. Along the Balkan Route we concentrate our help in the area around the city Subotica at the Serbian/Hungarian border. Around 300-400 people hide in the forests around the city and wait for opportunities to cross the border to Hungary.

There are currently approximatly 3.5 million refugees living in Turkey. Only a small proportion of them live in well structured and organized camps. Most of the refugees live in smaller, less structured camps, which are not administered by big, more well known organizations. We want to help those people with the necessities that are needed the most.

The work of our musketeers is focused around four topics:




It is one of our priority goals to help the people in the numerous refugee accommodations in Turkey, Greece and along the Balkan Route with necessities like water, bread, rice, oil, fresh fruits and vegetables or hygiene products.




Most of the refugee children now living in Turkey do not have access to a school education. Without education and the possibility to learn the Turkish language, the children do not have many possibilities in the future.

Together with our partner organizations we support school projects at the West Coast of Turkey and at the Syrian border.




Near the Syrian border, in the city Rehanli, there exist several "Health-Houses". There, victims of bombings is being provisionally helped and cared for in small apartments. But often more than 20-25 people live there in the small space. There are never enough supplies.

We support them with food, hygiene products and medical equipment like desinfectants, gauze bandages and crutches.




Many women, living on their own and often with several children, live far below the poverty line. We want to help those women to earn their own money, and to avoid for them being forced into prostitution out of poverty.

With the help of our textile project, we want to show them a way to earn their living by themselves.