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100% direct help that arrives!

We promise all our supporters and sponsors that we handle all donations very carefully. We also promise that all donations will reach 100% directly to the needy people. We finance our missions entirely from private funds. In this way, we can guarantee that the donations arrive where they are most needed. Namely directly to the needy and the fugitives. In order to ensure 100% transparency, each donor is always welcome to take a look at our balance sheets.

Every donation is important!

Every donation is important, it doesn't matter how small it is! With only 5 euros we can buy for a child in one of the camps food for several days. Yes, even a little toy!

Submit your hand and give people a little hope there! Together we can make a difference!

Become a Musketeer and support us with your donation! THANK YOU!

Support faster and more direct is not possible!


Sometimes, if we are already in the middle of an aid mission, it may happen that we urgently need additional support. For example, after an unexpected storm and we hit on a lot of destruction. Then you can help here quickly and we have access to your donation in the shortest possible time!


Kreissparkasse Reutlingen

Drei Musketiere Reutlingen e.V.
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You can help with the donation form quickly and purposefully!

The Musketeer Sponsorship

The easiest way to become a musketeer is to be a sponsoring member of our association.
In this way, you regularly support us in our so important and valuable work for people in need.
With your sponsorship you become a passive member and do not commit any further obligations.
You decide for yourself whether you want to help monthly or annually, and you can decide by your own choice how much you want to support us.
The contribution you have chosen will then be automatically deducted from your account using SEPA procedures. You do not have to think about anything else.

So, just go with it and become a Musketeer! We look forward to you!

Application for support as a sponsor
Here you can download your application, print it out and send it back to us by e-mail or by post. We will then contact you within the next 14 days. Sorry! Right now the form is in German. Please get in touch to us if you have any questions.
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"Three Musketeers" are goood!

With goood, you can easily do something good every month. Surf & phone with the goood mobile tariffs at reasonable prices. 10% of your package price will be donated directly to our project!

You are certainly on the Internet now! Probably even with your mobile?

With "goood" the social mobile provider, you can now surf and do good at the same time.

Three tariffs are available to you and you need nothing more to do than to surf, phone or "WhattsApp" as before also.

We are very happy that we could become partners of "goood" and look forward to your "surfing" support!

HERE it goes to the tariffs and to our project at "goood".

Gooding - Your contribution counts!

Gooding - Your contribution counts


On you can support us through ordinary online purchases with premiums!
For you as a supporter and us as an NGO gooding is 100% free and the purchases cost not a cent more. The premiums are paid by the participating companies.

So you can go to heart shopping and support us at the same time! HERE you can get to the Gooding homepage.

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We have set up a project page for you at Here you can find all our current projects in an overview.

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Together for refugees!


Since December 7th 2015 the portal for refugees "together for refugees"  is online! This portal is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of the Interior. We are proud to be part of it!